Kissa Sins

Hi I'm Kissa Sins

and I'm from Pasadena, California. I am currently living in Las Vegas with my boyfriend Johnny Sins and our 2 pitbulls after living on Maui, Hawaii for 2 years together. In February 2019 we are selling everything we own and traveling around Mexico for 6 months until we figure out where we want to buy a house.

I admittedly live life in my own little world, far from the reality that most of society lives in and it makes me so fucking happy. All I really want to do is have fun and enjoy life before it's too late. I live by my mantra: STOP LIVING LIKE YOU LIVE AGAIN!!

-Kissa Sins


My Family

This is my family and I love them very much.

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Johnny Sins

My lover and best friend

This is the love of my life, Johnny. We met on Instagram when I was trying to have my first 1-night stand. Turns out I'm terrible at 1-night stands and we've been inseparable since 2013 lol. Johnny is the nicest person I've ever known and I am lucky to share my life with him.

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My girl

This is Luna and she means the absolute world to me. I never dreamed I could ever have such a bond with a dog... she's the most loyal, cuddly, happiest dog in the whole world. I am lucky to call her my best friend. She is a 91lb American Pitbull Terrier rescue. She is 4yrs old.

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My boy

This is Primo and we loved him so very much. Johnny rescued him after he had his ears cut off and been through hell. We have worked so hard with him to teach him how to love and now he is a big gentle teddy bear. He is a 91lb Pitbull/Bull Terrier mix. We think he's about 7yrs old.

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