Another MDIP tomorrow!!

I’m doing another “My Day in Photos” tomorrow called Transforming into a Pornstar while I get ready for another epic shoot!!

It’s a really drastic change for me to go from regular chill tomboy stoner chick to super glam gonzo fake hair fake nails pornstar chick. So I’m going to take you through my entire day in photos of my bi-weekly makeover!!

To check out my first “My Day in Photos” click here!!

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Love your MDIP blog!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Baha Kalai

I Am Truly Glad That You Are Having Fun Kissa! I Am Truly Happy For You!
You And Johnny Are The Reason Why I Appreciate My Life! You Changed My Mind And My Life!
I’ve Become Happier And More Motivated Since I’ve Known You Both!
The Best Thing That Have Ever Happened To Me Is Knowing You!
I Just Hope You Realize How Grateful I Am Towards You! Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart Kissa And Johnny! You Are The Best!


I love you kissa please follow me…