Consultation complete!!

I just got out of my 1st boob job consultation and it went great!! Well actually it’s not my 1st consultation… lol. I’ve actually had quite a few consultations in my life since I’ve always wanted fake boobs!! I’ve just never gone through with it. My 1st consultation was when I was 18 and the doctor told me not to get one yet.

This consultation went perfectly. My consultation was with Dr. Jimmy Firouz and we did the preliminary meeting over FaceTime since I live in Vegas and his office is In Beverly Hills. It went great!! He basically said my “goals” are great because it’s exactly how my boobs will look with implants. Here’s what we tentatively decided on:

  • Silicone (softest)
  • High profile
  • Under the muscle
  • Incision under boob fold
  • Probably 400-420cc to get DD size

I scheduled my in office consultation for the 26th to get measured and talk in person. We will make more concrete decisions at that time. The cost will be around $10k.

*see how my boobs look so good hen they’re pushed together like in the photo at the top of this page? That’s what I want them to look like!!*

I’m so excited!! Here’s what I want in case you missed my last boob job post:

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Rachel Baldwin

Your so god dam beautiful your titties are beautiful and will be beautiful still do you be happy!!! Blog about it how fun !


Hell yeah luv bug🙌 welcoming you soon to the Ds & Up club😍 let the butterflies start to flutter

Hash Brown

What does Johnny think?

Baha Kalai

Good For You Kissa! I Hope You Achieve This Goal Of Your In The Near Bright Future!
You Truly Deserve To Be Happy! Both You And Johnny!
By The Way, I Am Truly Looking Forward To Your Future 6-Months Trip! So, What Have You Planned? Any Decisions? I’d Love To Know.


OMG please dont get a boob job, who keeps talking porn women into these? You are GORGEOUS as you are.


Agreed. Someone so free and real doing something so fake. Don’t get it.


What happened to the daily blog?


Kissa! I went on consultation and they want to put 400cc in me for a D cup 🙂 I’m currently an A. I’m getting mine done next month.!!


Awesome! I’ve always wanted to have a boob job but am afraid of what they might not look like afterwards haha


What happened to the supposed daily blog?

Edith Odr

Sincero, estas muy bien, pero tienes buenas expectativas, eres una chica increíble, yo soy 36 DD y talvez no seré muy bonita, pero mis tetas me han dejado muy buenas experiencias jajaja