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Welcome to my daily blog!!

Hello beautiful people from all over the world, my name is Kissa Sins and this is my new daily blog!! I used to be a blogger but lost touch with it recently and miss it dearly.  My blog was my heart… a place where I could express myself, be creative, get inspired and inspire others.  My blog readers were so involved, supportive and loving.  You guys were the ones who really cared about me as a person and loved me for me and my mind and I miss you!!

At the height of my previous blog (which included erotica about me meeting and falling in love with Johnny Sins) I released a sex tape with him and suddenly had this porn career I wasn’t expecting and got so busy I stopped doing all the other things that I love.  I stopped writing.  I stopped focusing on me as a person and became consumed with my looks and what other people thought of me, which is NOT me at all.  I need to find a happy medium between my career and everything else!! 🙂

This daily blog is my new diary

So now I’m committed to getting back to my roots and writing again, traveling, and telling you guys everything.  This will be my diary.  I will blog EVERY DAY even if it’s just something short.  I will blog about our life here in Las Vegas and all of my experiences doing porn.  I will blog about the entire planning process of our 6 month trip to Mexico next year and our plan to travel forever.  I will tell you all of my life stories and hopes and dreams and everything in between.

PLEASE comment on my posts and share your thoughts with me!!  It will really help me to continue blogging if you guys interact with me here in the comments.  And if you like a post please share it!!

What does Happy Instead mean?

I decided to call this blog Happy Instead, which is a phrase I thought of as a kid.  Happy Instead of what?  Well… happy instead of anything else.  I’ve been through so much bullshit in my life and had so many ups and downs but I have always been determined to be fucking happy and enjoy this life no matter what.

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Twitter: @kissasins  ||  Instagram: @coyotelovesyou

I love you!!

Kissa Sins Personal Diary – Happy Instead: A Daily Blog

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I love “happy instead”! This is real sweet and I’m super excited to read ❤️❤️ (P.s. my twitter is @toyahsinclair)


i love u so match and i want knowe every thing about you
and i wany contact u in chat or some thing
and u the one i see pron for here


Hello doll I follow you everywhere and in everything you do, I’m more like a stalker than a simple follower lol loving you Sins ❤️ I’d love you to join my ista @magjoey xxx babe


I’m sooooo happy to see you are blogging again!
If you want to follow me on Insta it’s helloooalyssa. 😄


i love you, Kissa!! ❤️ you are so wonderfull and sexy woman🙂 i like your blog… 🙂
my instagram is _stella_diamond_


Love this. Looking forward to reading everything. I Love your writing!

Bryan B

I think it is great that you are finally going back to something you love. Life is fast and busy and far to many times we let things distract us. Work, family and friends get in the way and we loose sight of ourselves and the things that make us happy. I’m glad you found something that you enjoy and I can’t wait to read more from you.


LOVE it! @jessicahtr


You’re awesome kissa I think you are so cute. Love the blog. My IG is @hairbyemma916 it’s boring all hair pics but I ❤️ You and admire your hustle


I’m so happy to ,,read you” again 😀 When i’m sad your blog always turns me to be happy. You inspire me so much xoxoxomy insta @pn.laura_

Ellen Ross

So overwhelmingly happy that you’ve started writing again! I find a lot of peace in your words because I feel a huge and intense similarity between our souls. I’ve followed you from the start. You’re truly beautiful! Can’t wait to follow your adventures further. All my Love, Elle. My Instagram is ‘ellexangel’ and my Twitter is ‘elle_baby_’ I’ve drawn many pieces of You, if youd like to see I’d be extremely happy to send you them in DM! 💖


Johnny and you should come to Venezuela. I’m dying to meet you.. And it would be great if you could send sins clothes to Venezuela. I LOVE you guys. PS: my boyfriend and I will someday make a porn with you and with johnny. Kisseees! IG: yerliandreeina

Hash Brown
I read all your posts on Happy Instead. You really let us get to know you in 101 Things About Me. Thank you for that . My favorite thing is #77. I hope The Plan becomes your reality and Please hold on to your soul. “What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Your time away was a response to the needs of your soul. I have thoroughly enjoyed this first and look forward to what is to come. I think we’ll all learn a lot. Take care.

I started to read your old blog on Tumblr and loved it!! I was sad when you quit writing but made sure to follow you on Twitter, and Instagram and have fallen in love with your journey and you. You are a beautiful soul, I’m excited you’re writing again! You are an inspiration and so very real, I absolutely love you girl! 🌺🕉💋


I love this! I love your writing style and that I can basically read it in your voice. I love that it’s daily so I don’t have to wait too long for your next post xxxxx

Dominique D.

This is such an amazing blog. I remember reading in your tumbler some of these post but I can’t help but read them again! Thank you for opening up and sharing your personal life with me! I’m very greatful that your writing again!


Ahhh I am so happy you are blogging again! I love reading everything you write! I can’t wait to read more!
My instagram is kerimarieeee_ 😘😘


Love you Kissa! I started following your vlogs last spring and you said something in one of them about choosing to be happy and how you have to work to be happy. I was going through a rough time and it reminded me not to feel sorry for myself and to choose to enjoy my life. I love the “Happy Instead” title 🙂 you truly inspire me and I’m excited to read your posts on here! ❤️

I don’t post a ton on insta but please follow @kelseyirvin12 🙃


You guys are the Greatest EVER! My question is… I was wondering what size is Johnny’s Hoodie so I have an idea how they run. Thanks Loves. Keep up the great content. My IG is tru_affliction. Much Love!


I’m so excited for you to start blogging again every day. I think that you are such an incredible person. The way you look at life and all of the things it can throw at you is amazing and I adore hearing your point of view. If you want to follow me on Instagram it’s usagainsttheworld1025.


@delaneychiborak – insta 😘♥️


Hi Kissa I really like reading your blog! You motivate me every day with your stories! ❤️
(my Instagram is borislava_aleksieva)


It makes me so happy to see you’re writing again❤️I missed reading your blogs. I’d love for you to follow my IG: @dani0410_ 😘


I love that you are you! You make me be a happier me !


I love that you are you !! You make me a happier me!


I love your personality so much and i wish to meet you in person, you’re such a good inspiration 💜💙

Cinthya Lopez

Hi!!! Follow me on Instagram, I’ll read you everyday @cinthyalopcon


I’m new to this side of you (and SinsTV) and I really love it! I would of never of guessed that behind the couple that are so raw on screen are actually so gentle & caring in their personal lives ❤🖤❤ TheTattooedBear

Jack Paul

You are sexy……I hope you don’t leave Johnny…….He is a great guy


Somehow ran into your other blog it was great!! Glad for happy instead!

Insta: alf_bee


Your blog is so interesting! I admire how brave and honest you are to not give a damn what other people think! You are beautiful! 😊 @blonde.taylor is my insta!