My Day in Photos

Hey guys!! This is my 1st "My Day in Photos" post. The concept is that I take 1 photo every hour and share my entire day with you through a collection of photos. This day was kinda short because I fell asleep at like 7:30pm hahah I had so many orgasms I was exhausted!! This is the day I shot my first ever anal scene with Johnny for Jules Jordan. I hope you like this new blog segment... comment below and tell me your thoughts!! If you guys love it I'll do it a lot more!!

set bag

8am: My set bag

This is what my set stuff looks like!! I always bring a suitcase with a few outfit options, heel options, and a change of clothes for after the scene. Then I always bring a set caddy (on the right) which has all my porn essentials in it: douches, deodorant, gum, mouthwash, iodine, Emergen-C vitamin packets, makeup remover wipes, a razor, and a belly button ring lol.


9am: Makeup time

The night before my scene I get my call time for the next day. Today's call time is 9am which is pretty normal for porn. I'm always on time because it gives me anxiety to be late to anything but especially to getting paid to have orgasms all day haha. I arrive right at 9am and sit down in the makeup chair to get my makeup done!!


10am: Makeup progress

Makeup usually takes 90mins but sometimes it takes 2hrs depending on how complicated the look is, how much hair the girl has, or how much you're chatting with the makeup artist!! Today it took almost 2hrs because I have A LOT of hair and they're extensions. Plus my makeup artist is Rosalinda and we have so much to talk about every time we see each other lol


11am: Set supplies bag

Just finished makeup and I'm on my way to wash my hands and get my things together because we're moving locations!! We always do makeup at Jules house and then move to the location where we're going to shoot. On my way to the bathroom I saw this glorious supplies bag I think you'd think was interesting!! Those bottles with the pink caps are baby oil for my scene today!! Then there are some bottles of water and a gatorade which is good for generating spit for blowjobs!!


12pm: Anal food

Today I'm shooting an anal scene (my first one ever!!) and because of that the only food I can eat is gummy bears because I guess it takes so long to digest it doesn't effect the scene. I stopped eating last night after dinner around 6pm and won't eat again until after the scene around 6pm, so it's about a 24hr fasting period + gummy bears. This was hard for me because I love food but I NEED TO BE CLEAN and I'm paranoid about it so I behave and only eat gummy bears lol. I have a lot less energy without real food but its not too bad.


1pm: Shooting location

After we finished makeup and packed everything up we drove to the location where we're going to shoot. Now it's time to get my outfit on, touch up my makeup and get ready to take photos for the scene!!

2pm: Set life

Here are both views of the set, the 1st photo is my point of view of Johnny while I take my pretty girls (see my gummy bears lol) the male talent usually watches you take your photos because it's hot and it's fun when they watch!! The 2nd photo is what the set looks like today. There is a carpet under the chair so we don't ruin the floors with the oil and also so we don't slip while we're trying to fuck each other!!

anal day 4

3pm Photos

Before every porn scene we take a set of photos called "pretty girls" which is just photos of the girl looking pretty!! You start with your full outfit on then eventually take it all off and do hardcore photos like this one. After pretty girls are done we start video and take sex stills during video or before video, just depends on the day!!


4pm: Almost finished!!

We are almost done the scene!! It's SO HOT so far!! We stopped to take hardcore sex stills and then we're going to finish video and then we get to go eattttttttttttt!!


This is what I look like before and after a porn scene!!

weed money

6pm: Medicine time!!

Picking up some kush so I can go home and chill and have a lovely sleep!!


7pm: PIZZA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't had real food in 25hrs and I am starving!! Right after this I knocked the fuck out!! Zzzzzzzzz goodnight!!

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Thanks for taking is us with you through your day!

I hope your medicine will last a month or what? lol

Hash brown

Kissa you are giving us a view we would never get elsewhere. You are giving answers to questions not yet formed. Thank you. Tell us more about the items in your set bag, iodine, emergen c packets?


I love this concept!! It’s very interesting to see the BTS of what a normal day on set looks like. Keep ’em coming! <3


Loved this day in photos!! Good to know porn stars use water or Gatorade to generate spit. I always wondered how the hell you girls have so much! I’ll remember to keep some water with me! You’re so pretty Kissa! Love the blog. 😘


Awesome sauce! Enjoyed your day in photos.


Your insta handle is spelt wrong on your blog. Correct it, you may get more followers (there’s an extra ‘L’)


Thanks for sharing your day with us Kissa 🙂 It’s nice to see your life from different angle.
You’re a woderful person!
Kisses for Kissa!

Susanna V

That is interesting. Thank you for sharing! The photos of the kush made me tear a little! Haha! Love the heels selection! @susannavesna


The new blog posts are something I look forward to… you seem so real and open it’s so refreshing to see peeks into your life. Plus you educate us civilians which is amazing. Thank you Kissa.🖤


You’re always so innovative, finding new ways to explore not only with yourself but with your fans… this is just another winner in my opinion. You fuck rock!!! Love ya sweet cheeks! 😙


Loved it! Please keep up with the day in photos 🙂


Awesome blog!
Just curious, why Iodine in your kit? Is it to help disinfect or what is the use?



Jairo González

Gracias por compartir cada detalle con tus seguidores, me gusta esta manera de cómo cuentas las anécdotas y experiencias vividas!!!


Hi Kissa! What foods do you try to avoid before you have sex? I would love to see what your diet is like to avoid bloating and other unwanted digestive issues during rough sex.
Loving your blog!!


Luv the new idea luv bug. Congrats on this scene! You know we can’t wait to see this one✌