My First Daily Blog Post

It’s hard to start so I’m just gunna start. This is my first daily blog post. I’m sitting on the couch with our dogs in our loft in Las Vegas looking at the Vegas Strip wondering how many people are making bad decisions at this very moment. Living in Vegas is not how most people probably imagine it… it’s really just “that one street” that’s chaotic. Besides the Strip, Las Vegas is really actually very chill. When you live here you really only go to the Strip if you absolutely have to, or if you’re entertaining friends from out of town.

I like it here because it’s a major city with countless amazing restaurants and things to do, yet it’s still this weird kinda ghost town in the middle of the fucking desert. The people are interesting, open minded, and from all over the world. I like our bizarre little desert oasis.

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hi my kissa queen i think any one love u from first look not for u body or u style just for Your soul
your biggest fan memo

Bryan B

I have never been to Las Vegas but I have always wanted to go. Something about it seems intimidating to me, but hopefully I can check it out one day.


My husband and I went to Vegas several years ago. It’s too damn hot on the strip! We were there for business so we didn’t even get to get away from the busy part. I am outdoorsy so I wanted to hike and shit, but we didn’t have time.


Cool Blog, been watching Sins TV and actually sitting here watching it. I use to live in Vegas back in the day for 8 years 96-01′ many moons ago now. It probably has changed over the years. I had live in Cali before that for many years as well and the only thing about Vegas is no ocean. 🙁 but still a great place to live. There is a lot to do in the outskirts and I can only imagine what is out there know.

Great weather and alot to do there.

Have a great day. Like the blog.