Planning Van Life

I can't stop looking at camper van conversions or stop myself from emailing custom van companies. It's always been a dream of ours to travel around different countries in a van. When we added it to the beginning of our 6 month trip to Mexico and Belize, we planned to buy something cheap but reliable and sell it before we left for Puerto Vallarta. But now I can't stop thinking of buying something custom and enjoying it for years to come!!

Our current plan:

is to buy a van in Vegas and drive it to Cancun.

Then stay in Cancun for 30 days

Then stay in Tulum for 30 days

Then stay on the North side of Yucatan in Valladolid and on the coast for 30 days.

Then stay in Belize for 30 days.

(all of these places are within a reasonable driving distance from each other)

Then we planned to sell the van before we go to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.

But all the money and work it would take to get a custom van wouldn't be worth it if we only kept it for 4 months. So what can we do to make it worth it?

How can we make this work?

The type of van that would be a good investment and the most reliable would be buying something new like a Sprinter and totally converting it into something completely custom and amazing. But this runs about $100k... which is only worth it if you actually live in it and don't pay rent. Or if you use it for years 1/2 living in the van 1/2 paying rent at Airbnb's or hotels.

But if we only use it for the first 4 months of our trip and then sell it, it's not worth all the trouble even if we sold it and made our money back.

So what can we do?

One option is to obviously not sell it after Belize, and either leave it in storage there and come back for it, or drive it to Puerto Vallarta which is dangerous but possible.

Then even if we settle down in one of these places by the end of the journey, we could keep it and explore in it for the rest of our lives.

But it's still a lot of money... but I cannot stop thinking about it!! What do you guys think?! COMMENT BELOW!!

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Bryan B
Let’s say you keep the van, what are the dangers of driving too Puerto Vallarta? Is it worth it? Let’s say you leave it and come back for it, how much would storage be, and the expenses to come back and get it, plus the expenses of paying for a place to stay. Also how realistically would it be that you both continue to use this van over time. 100k is a lot for something you would only use for 4 months. I would buy something cheap and reliable; I think in the long run that would be the safest… Read more »

What about a tiny house? I saw one recently that you could put on a hitch and pull it by truck.


Do it Coyote. You only live once. No regrets.

Baha Kalai
I Think That You Should Not Sell Your Customized Van After Belize And Keep It In Storage (Because You Said That It Would Be Dangerous To Drive It To Puerto Vallarta And I Truly Care About Your Safety Guys). I Personally Think This Is A Good Idea Because It Will Remain As A Souvenir And Keep It For Future Adventures (Who Know What Nice Surprises The Near Bright Future Has). This Is Just My Point Of View, But What I Really Think Is That You Guys Should Make Your Own Decision And Not Listen To Anyone! And More Importantly, You… Read more »

You build a Chevy work van! Around 40-50k, and you can convert it yourself easily! Get it in a diesel if it makes sense for where you’re traveling to!


You can get an used Ford E-series van conversion for a lot less…diesel, 4×4. Probably easier to sell in Mexico or you can keep and use for Baja trips.