You guys I feel so unmotivated!! I feel so uninspired without the ocean. I feel like all I do is get ready to be back at the ocean instead of enjoying the journey getting there again.

I stop writing when I’m uninspired. Some days I feel like anything I write will be so boring. Question: do you guys want me to write on days that nothing interesting is happening? I feel so boring lol.

All I do is work, workout, clean, and shoot porn. Lmao.

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i want you to write only when you feel inspired to! writing is such a therapeutic thing to me, it would really be a shame if you felt obligated to do it rather than want to!


You could start an interview blog series asking other people in the industry (doesn’t have to be performers) could be film crew, make up artists, directors etc about things that make them happy and why they love being in the industry too. Would be interesting to see different perspectives.


I love reading them regardless the topic!


If you still like to write do it, everyone has different things he finds interesting or boring, so mabe many people still like a post they you think is boring. As long as you don’t feel forced to do it and just do it cause you like it I (and I guess I can also say we) will read everything

Baha Kalai
It Would Be Great If You’ll Write Daily! And Don’t Worry If You Don’t Have Inspiration, Because I Love Reading About Your Daily Life And Thoughts As It’s Always Interesting To Me. I Will Never Get Bored Of You And Johnny! You Are Both Such Amazing Individuals! I Love Your Vibes Guys! Everything About You Makes Me Truly Motivated And Happy! When I’m Reading Your Blog, Or Watching Johnny’s Vlogs, I Feel Like I’m Bombarded With Happiness And Optimism! I Can’t Express How Much Motivating And “Not Boring” Your Writings Are To Me! You And Johnny Are Such Wonderful People… Read more »

Why not lol everyone thinks they live a boring life too but you never know your unmotivated day maybe the same for someone else but after you writing it out that your unmotivated may get you motivated & the person reading the short entry of similarity can do the same. This is my down fall too but always looking to see what will it take to shift my day. MUAHZ😘


sometimes i feel bored as hell too. unmotivated to workout, and progress in all of my goals. but hey, give urself a day to reflect why u feel like this. i need to do some thinking too. just remember u cant take back yesterday!!! <3

Jada Kai

I love when you write, but don’t burn yourself out! 😊

Love your daily blog, just found it! I find I have the same issue as of late. I have some outdoor hobbies as well: camping, bird watching (I know nerdy) hiking, fishing, the ocean is near to me I live in FL. I find its good to write about those things if you don’t already. Not just what you do either but how it might relate to your surroundings or it’s impact on your life emotionally, physically etc. Also, a writing style for you might be a peer review approach. Seek out articles, news pieces, events, studies, things relative to… Read more »