Upcoming Shoots!!

I'm so excited (for everything like usual yes I know lol) but specifically for next week because I'm shooting my very first anal scene with Johnny for Jules Jordan!!!!!!!! Finally... after 3 years I'm finally giving up the booty!! I'm also shooting 2 more scenes while I'm in LA and I'm excited about those too!!

Johnny and I will drive to LA together on Sunday March 11th and check into our hotel. Then the next day Johnny will go shoot a scene for another company while I shoot my own scene for Jules. Then March 12th will be my ANAL SCENE!! I'll of course blog the whole process!! March 13th we'll both shoot separately again before we drive home together πŸ™‚

Check out my calendar so you can follow all the fun on Snapchat:

March 11

I'll get my hair and nails done in the morning so they're fresh and perfect!! Then we'll pack up and Johnny and I will drive to LA together and check into our hotel and get a good nights sleep and cuddlde!!

March 12

Johnny and I will eat breakfast together and then go to our separate porno sets!! I'm shooting a REALLY exciting boy/girl scene for Jules Jordan and Johnny will go shoot his own boy/girl scene for another company!!

March 13th

MY FIRST ANAL!! I won't be able to eat breakfast this day haha and my call time will be hours before Johnny's so I'll meet him there!! Then he'll fuck me in the ASS!! I will blog this whole experience of course + will be posting naughty pics and videos on onlyfans.com/kissasins

March 14th

Shooting my first threesome for Jules Jordan this day while Johnny shoots his own scene for another company again!! After we're both done we'll meet up for dinner, let traffic die down then drive home together!!

I have the cutest outfits that I ordered for these shoots!! When I get them in the mail I'll post photos!!

I love you!!

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So fucking cool your doing first anal with Johnny!!!!


I am a hopeless romantic and a forever fan of happily ever afters.
That Johnny will be your first anal is happy news.


I love how u plan. I do the same with my trips…every detail even breakfast gets scheduled. I don’t know how people can wing it in life. Once many moons ago I did an anal fetish shoot. Let’s just say I ate breakfast before 🀭 Have fun


Yaaayy πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Its soo cool (and romantic) that you have first anal scene with the love of your life πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ I watched videos both of you, but i think the bests when you guys are having sex with each other… i think its so magical, and I can see the love in your eyes // @pn.laura

Susanna V

Love the heels! Haha I have the same ones, but for pole dance classes. Thought you were embarking on some Pole Dancing. Ever considered it? πŸ™‚