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In an attempt to nurse our undying wanderlust at the same time as finding the perfect place for us to live, we have devised this amazingly brilliant plan.  Yes brilliant... or at least we think so... just listen: the basic plan is to save as much money as possible for the next year in Vegas, sell everything we own, and then go traveling for 6 months starting in February 2019.

We'll live in 6 different places for 30 days each - 6 places, 30 days each place, 6 months total.

Why 30 days in each place?  Well, because staying at a resort for a week isn't really understanding how it would be to actually live there.  Plus we always feel like when we take short vacations that we don't get to explore or truly enjoy the destination to the fullest. We want to really live in each place, stay at a vacation rental with a kitchen, go to the market, talk to the people and experience what it's like to be a local.  Plus we get to live in 6 different gorgeous places and go on the adventure of a lifetime.... see I told you it's brilliant!!!!!!!!!  At the end of the 6 months we'll either fall in love with one of these locations and move there permanently, make another plan to travel for 6 more months to different places, or who the fuck knows. We'll let the wind take us!!

Here is our preliminary plan. We had initially chosen a few places like the Bahamas but immediately found out that pitbulls are illegal in many places lol. So we are sticking to what we love... MEXICO. The only non-Mexico location we'll go to is Belize which we hear amazing things about. I will blog this entire planning process of course and would love your feedback, advice, or ideas!! Comment below or follow me on social media and let's be friends!! I love you!! i'm so excited!!  Check out the rest of my blog here!!


February: Cancun

Quintana Roo, Mexico - Best times: December to April

This side of Mexico is on the Hurricane Belt so we will start here while the weather is perfect. Cancun is absolutely beautiful, fun, and closest to the airport. We think it will be too busy for us to live here permanently but we will check it out!! The dogs will fly in with us on United. The adventure starts here!!

tulum resize

March: Tulum

Quintana Roo, Mexico - Best times: December to April

From Cancun we will drive (about 2hrs) to Tulum... it's so close but it's a totally different world!! Tulum is on the top of our list of places to live permanently. It's just as beautiful as Cancun (if not more beautiful!!) and it's not a big city which we love. The beaches are quiet and the town is eclectic and vibrant.

cozumel resize

April: Cozumel

Quintana Roo, Mexico - Best times: December to April

From Tulum we will drive to the pier and take the ferry to Cozumel which is an island 45 minutes off the coast. We love islands and so we added this to our stops to experience the island version of Quintana Roo. We will put the dogs and our rental car right on the ferry so they won't have to fly!!

belize resized

May: Belize

Central America - Best times: December to April

From Cozumel we will take the ferry back to the mainland and then drive to Belize. It's about 300 miles (about a 9hr drive) but we will stop a lot along the way to camp so it will probably turn into 3 days. Belize is our only stop not in Mexico. We will have to get the dogs new health certificates before going!!

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June: Puerto Vallarta

Jalisco, Mexico - Best times: April to June

From Belize we will fly to Puerto Vallarta, which is also at the top of the list of where we think we want to live permanently. PV is absolutely amazing, and by far the most culture rich place on our list. The food is the best we've ever had, and we love the people, the beautiful old city, and all the beautiful beaches!!

cabo resized

July: Cabo San Lucas

Baja California, Mexico - Best times: Anytime

Next we will fly to our old home, Cabo San Lucas. When we first met we drove from California to Cabo and lived there for a month and we LOVED it. Cabo always has good weather and so it's perfect for hurrican season. We know Cabo very well and love it and the surrounding areas like Todos Santos and La Paz. We will drive up the Baja peninsula during this month to explore!!

Check out this post!!

We added another adventure to this adventure!! Instead of flying from Las Vegas to Cancun once we sell everything we have decided to convert a van into a camper van and drive!! We have always wanted to do this and think it's the perfect time to do it!! Check this post out for more details!!

Caribbean Ocean Leg:


Pacific Ocean Leg:


The Whole Trip:


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I will be blogging every day until we leave on this amazing adventure!! Then I will blog during every day of this adventure and beyond!!

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hi my kissa queen make every second in this trip happy and interesting for u and i will give u my soul i just want see u smile
u star and the moon and the over world for me

Bryan B

Oh man I am so jealous, but I am happy for the both of you. you know what you want and your going out and getting it, Good for you! Those places look so beautiful. My dream is to travel the world one day!


Hey kissa !! Missed you On IG anyway….this plan sound dope as hell. I can’t wait til next year when you and Johnny do this. The blogs and vlogs and pics are going to be amazing !! Idk if this had been asked yet but do you and Johnny still plan on working on SinsTV while traveling ?? I mean I don’t see why not so maybe that’s a retarted question. Anyways can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019!!


Why don’t you guys want to live in Hawaii anymore?! We have been thinking about moving to maui but maybe you know something we don’t? I’m stressed about the hoops you have to jump through to bring pets 🤦🏻‍♀️ Love the new blog girl!! 😘


Girl! Yes. This sounds amazing! I was talking about tulum today. I am so excited to follow your blog. Also i love in Vegas and would love to score some of that amazing art you collected in Vegas. I met you at first friday. You are so nice I’m so happy to hear that you are recentering yourself to your true self and life your best most authentic life! Get it queen!


Mexico is hot 🙂 i hope you choose cabo! Really you sell everything you have?? I want so bad your big mirror that you have in your living room!! 😉 I adore that mirror!


CAN’T WAIT…think we are excited as much as you guys are to see these awesome & unique destinations that are all in reach. We have been saving this year as well, we need to add to our journey of adventures after 13yrs & trying to explore past Vegas, TJ & SoCal hehe


Hey Kissa, I’m planning a trip to Mexico (my first time!) and was wondering which city is your favorite. What place do you recommend most and any specific resorts, restaurants, or activities ?

Jess E.
I think y’all will love Belize. Such a great vibe, nice people, everything is crazy cheap, and it’s gorgeous. We swam with nurse sharks in a wilderness preserve there and took a day trip where they caught our lunch fresh and cooked it for us on a private island. So much fucking fun. I was very pregnant when I went there and it was an adventure even then! You’ll dig it. Just wanted to say how glad I am you’re blogging again. I always loved reading your thoughts and I think your attitude is so kick-ass, particularly given all you’ve… Read more »
Edith Odr

Pooh Kissa, cuando estén en Puerto Vallarta espero poder conocerte, hace muy poco tiempo que te comencé a seguir en Instagram, y realmente soy tu fan, eres increíble 💕 yo soy de Guadalajara Jalisco México, y sería un honor conocerte