We’re moving again!!

It’s become a yearly tradition for Johnny and I to move. We are both extremely nomadic and get bored easily so we move a lot and we actually enjoy it. It’s amazing how much junk you get rid of after only living somewhere for 1 year!! We love cleaning house and starting new and experiencing the different vibe of a new place.

We currently live in Las Vegas in a very expensive condo… we both needed something amazing to convince ourselves to leave Maui so we got an expensive place with nice finishes and nice everything. But now that we have a plan to travel starting in February we decided we’d rather pay less, save more money and live in a house vs a condo.

So still in Vegas, but to a less expensive house but actually in a better area. We can save $2k per month just by moving!! 8 more months @ $2k savings is $16k savings!!!! And we’re excited to move into a house so the dogs can have a backyard instead of having to take them out all the time which is such an annoying part of a condo.

Here’s to 9 more months in Vegas!! We are very excited about everything. We love you!!

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do it do it what ever your soul want, guess the dogs would be also happy with that :)))

Baha Kalai
I Am Truly Glad That You Are Living Your Dreams Guys! I Am Already Excited For The Near Bright Future! I Think That It’s A Good Idea To Save Money In Order To Achieve A Great Goal Like Yours! I Also Want To Say Thank You For Making Me Happy! Thanks To You, I Have A Goal For The First Time In My Entire Life! I Want To Live My Dreams, I Want To Be Happy No Matter What! I Can’t Express How Life-Changing Your Vlogs And Your Blog Are To Me! Since I’ve Known You Both, I Became Much… Read more »

Congrats🙌Haha we feel exactly the same now. We say more places = more experience = Trust Our Journey 💏 Can’t wait to see Primo & Luna enjoy there backyard.