Writers Block

I think I’ve been waiting until I write some super epic, perfectly edited piece of literary art to start this blog, but instead I’m just going to write whatever comes out of my head. I apologize in advance if my grammar is not perfect, and in fact most of it is going to be incorrect on purpose so you can hear how I think vs what I’m supposed to write.

I am sitting on my couch naked except I have knee socks on and my laptop is getting hot sitting on my bare legs but it feels nice cuz the a/c is making me cold. I’ve had writers block for 6 months now and am just word vomiting at this very moment hoping to break this spell because I miss talking to you guys.

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Melanie Lynn
Melanie Lynn

I am so happy you wrote again. Sorry to hear about your writers block! I always find my thoughts run free when I’m sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand. Too bad Jersey is an ice box right now and There is no running wild for me. Maybe it’s time for you to plan another beach getaway 😊

Not sure if you read these comments, but I am super excited to meet you at the jersey convention!

Sandy Gray
Sandy Gray

You just posted about taking a phone/social media break for 2 days, things like that are a great start for resetting and clarifying yourself with your writers block♥️I loved your subspace one👌that was right up my 🤓 alley! If I was ever lucky enough to meet your beautiful face👽I’d be so torn between wanting to hug and cuddle the shit out of you while watching alien movies or dancing our silly faces off naked to some 80’s hits or raping you with intense passion🔥💦 while watching a good mix of your beautiful classic and new porn or going on some… Read more »


yayyy happy youre back!